Présentation des sources

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Access to finance for the small and medium-sized enterprises

Activity, production and turnover

Adults' training

Annual Business Statistics


Business start-ups

Companies and sustainable development

Consumer prices

Delineation of the groups

Demographic projections

Economic outlook surveys

Electoral participation

Employers, employees and self-employed

Employment estimates

Employment survey

Enterprises networks

Facilities census

Family relationships



Health and disability

Homeless people

Household budget

Household wealth


Information and Communication Technologies


Living environment and security

Localized incomes

Local knowledge of the productive system

    Longitudinal Demographic Data

    National accounts

    Population accounting

    Population census

    Prices and production costs

    Professional integration

    Quality of life

    Regional accounts

    Regional industrial sectors

    Register of enterprises

    Register of natural persons

    Rent reference indices

    Resources and living conditions

    See also

    Seniors' living conditions


    Tax and social data on housing and individuals

    Tax and social income

    Time use

    Tourism traffic

    Tourist flows in French overseas departments

    Trajectories and origins


    Wages, labour cost

    Workforce movement