Compilation of Employment Estimates

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The Employment Estimates are the reference source for monitoring the employment situation. They measure employment at the workplace in France (excluding Mayotte) on an annual and quarterly basis.

They are derived from a synthesis of several statistical sources of administrative origin. These sources are based on the social declarations made by employers and the self-employed. All employment declared in the administrative data is counted. In the Employment Estimates, multi-workers, i.e., persons who hold several jobs at the same time (either because they are employees and have several employers, or because they are both self-employed and employees) are counted only once, under their main job, which corresponds to the one that provides them with the highest remuneration during the year.

The Employment Estimates provide employment levels by geographic level (down to the employment zone), sector of activity (down to level A88 of Naf rev. 2), type of employer (public, private and individual employers), gender and age group. They cover metropolitan France and the DROMs, with the exception of Mayotte.

Before 2006, annual and quarterly employment Estimates relied on population general censuses for the level of employment. Between two general censuses, administrative sources or surveys were used in order to  estimate the quarterly or annual evolution of employment.

Since 2007, annual employment estimates rely exclusively on administrative declarations, made by employers and self-employed.

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