Business Demography Information System 


Paru le :Paru le24/06/2024

SIDE (Système d'Information de la Démographie des Entreprises) is the information system for producing and disseminating business demography statistics.

This information system produces short-term statistics (monthly statistics on business births), as well as structural statistics on business demography.

This register is itself supplied with data from SIRENE and enriched with elements from the SIRUS statistical register.

This system replaces the former REE (Répertoire des Entreprises et des Établissements). This change is being implemented progressively, starting with the January 2022 issue of Informations Rapides on business births.

This change led to a broadening of the scope of legal units and establishments (local units) taken into account, with the aim of improving coverage of the scope of business statistics.

To ensure temporal consistency across the series, a new retrospective calculation of all business start-up series –dating back to 2012– was carried out using the new system.

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