Enquête Impact des Activités Spatiales en Guyane 


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This survey aims to assess the macroeconomic impact of space industry in French Guiana. Economic weight is considered trough various indicators such as GDP, added value, investment, taxation, employment… Results of this survey make it possible to estimate how space industry induces French Guiana’s economic growth. The collection of data from Space Center Employers Union firms and from their suppliers, provides main accounting data, like turnover, intermediate consumptions and employment. Confronted to French Guiana’s regional economic account, this survey data enable the measurement of space industry weight in the regional GPD, divided in direct, indirect and induced effects.

The survey covers various topics : general information about the firms, accounting data, reliance on space industry, link with contractors, list of suppliers and employment. The survey exists in two different versions : one for Space Center Employers Union firms and one for their suppliers.

The first survey ever about space industry in French Guiana was carried out in 1997. It considered in a survey about links between French Space agency (Cnes), Arianespace, and their suppliers. The survey has occured every seven to ten years ever since. The last 2015 survey went through a deep change in order to obtain more detailed data. For the first time, the survey was carried out in 2 steps: Space Center Employers Union firms first, and their suppliers afterwards.

In order to make it more simple for the firms to answer the survey and to match statistic users requirements, the survey is renewed and lightened in 2020.

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