National transport and travel survey 


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The 2007-2008 National Transport and Travel Survey was jointly conducted with the SESP, which has since become the data and statistical studies service (SdES) of the Ministry of ecological and solidarity transition.

Its purpose is to obtain knowledge of the journeys undertaken by households residing in Metropolitan France and their use of both public and private transportation, in addition to information about the stock of vehicles possessed by households and their use.

It forms part of the continuation of previous Transport surveys.

These are the only surveys of mobility undertaken on this scale which describe all journeys, regardless of their length, duration, modes of transport, time of year, time of day or the reason for the journey.

In order to understand these behaviours, the surveys also examine the opportunities for access to public transport and the means of private transport possessed by the households.

The Transport and Travel Survey is the only source that provides a measurement of changes in peri-urban behaviours, which are becoming increasingly prevalent in urban mobility.

It also allows for comparisons with previous surveys over time, with surveys conducted at the local level, and in space, with surveys conducted in other countries.

This knowledge is also important for environmental issues (local or global pollutant emissions and energy consumption).

The 2007-2008 National Transport and Travel Survey is the fifth in the series of Transport surveys conducted in France since the 1960s (1966-1967, 1973-1974, 1981-1982 and 1993-1994).

The survey carried out in 1993-1994 observed competition between modes of transport, their specialisation according to reasons, the combination of modes of transport to make the same journey, the influence of mobility and the possession of private vehicles on energy consumption and environmental concerns.

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