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Dernière mise à jour le :07/08/2019

2018 saw the onset of unprecedented social activism in France. Indeed, countries in Europe and the rest of the world are experiencing ever-more entrenched division across society. As scepticism and mistrust take hold, statistical releases and analyses by INSEE and the official statistics service become all the more critical to informing key debates in this country.

In recent years, INSEE has completed a number of studies looking at the sub-national divide, quality of life, the feeling of well-being among the public, as well as social inequality and changes in household purchasing power.

This activity report demonstrates how INSEE is evolving and upgrading its publications and releases to provide insight into the economic and social realities in France.

Discover in this report the main flagship actions carried out in 2018, including: preparations for implementation of the single electoral register for the European elections; the evolution of the census of population questionnaire to better take into account the diversity of families; the dissemination of data from the Sirene register via API; the new base year of national accounts, etc.

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