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Dernière mise à jour le : 31/08/2023

« Meeting the challenges of a turbulent environment: read on to discover this INSEE success story ». This is how Jean-Luc Tavernier, the institute's Director General, opens the new Insee's annual report. Indeed, the document describes how the institute has once again managed to adapt in 2022 by documenting the energy crisis and its consequences under tight deadlines, while continuing with its missions and programmed work.

It also focuses on one of the highlights of the year - the Presidency of the European Union - and opens its pages to a number of external witnesses, including Emanuele Baldacci, Director of Resources at Eurostat, and Marie-Charlotte Devin, Data Project Manager for housing-society at the Moselle city planning agency.

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Activity Report

2021 Activity Report (pdf, 3 Mo )

2020 Activity Report (pdf, 7 Mo )

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