Computation of rent reference indices

Paru le :Paru le21/06/2024

The Rent Reference Index is used to review rents. It was created by Article 35 of Act 2005-841 of 26 July 2005 (IRL Act 2005) on various measures to promote social cohesion and amended by Article 9 of Act No. 2008-111 of 8 February 2008 for purchasing power.

Since the Act 2014-626 of 18 June 2014 (Article 9) which amends the former act and the article L145-34 of the Commercial Code resulting two indices can be used for the revision of commercial property leases:

- The Commercial Lease Index (ILC) for commercial and craft activities;

- The Tertiary Activities Rent Index (TARI) for tertiary activities other than commercial which are carried on in business premises, including in particular professions and activities in logistics warehouses.