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Dernière mise à jour le :05/02/2019


In English, follow us on @InseeFr_News. You’ll find every short term indicators published by the French Statistical Institute (approx. 360/year).
Find on the official/national Twitter account of INSEE @InseeFr publications, news, educational supports produced by the French Statistical Institute (in French only).

INSEE has also two regional Twitter accounts (in French only):

  • @InseeRégions about regional news and publications of INSEE
  • @InseeOI a dedicated account about information and publications of INSEE... in the Indian Ocean


Jobs, events, statistical analyses: on this page you’ll find professional news of INSEE. Subscribe!


All educational videos about statistics, studies, the National Census of Population survey, and some abstracts of the press conferences held by INSEE are available on YouTube and Dailymotion channels.
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Latest INSEE’S works on SlideShare.