Heath and professional career survey 


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The survey Health and Professional Career aims at apprehending the links between health and professional career and their temporal lags. It is established according to an innovative protocol introduced by a scientific committee which validated the methodological choices.

The survey Health and Professional Career aims at two main objectives:

- on the one hand, better know the health determinants connected to work conditions and to the careers. How the physical and organizational conditions of the work, the exposures to risks, the discontinuities and breaks of career, over time, contribute to build, to protect or to weaken the health of the individuals?

- on the other hand, allow to spot the impact of the health on the career of the persons, the chances of career or the possible discriminations which they were able to meet. To what measure the events of health, whether they are determined or not by the professional environment, infer breaks or on the contrary are compatible with a continuity of the professional career, according to the individual and collective resources which the persons can rely on?

An additional objective was fixed for the wave 2010: have an observation of the psychosocial risks (RPS) incurred by the whole population having an employment at the date of the survey.


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