Monthly tendency survey in the building industry

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The aim of the monthly business tendency survey in the building industry is to provide early information on the evolution of the economic climate in the building industry, in order to assess the current situation and to forecast activity in the sector in the short term, both at national and European levels. Business managers of the sector are surveyed on their opinion on their staff size, their recent and future activity, the general perspectives of the sector. They assess their order books, the production bottlenecks they enconter, their recruitment difficulties, the trend of the prices, the evolution of investments, the cash flow position. They also give an estimation of the amount of their investments.

This survey is part of the joint harmonised EU programme of business and consumer surveys managed by the European Commission (Directorate-General for Economic and Financial Affairs - DG ECFIN). As such, the questionnaire, classifications and methodology are largely harmonised between the national public or private organizations carrying out this survey in the programme partner countries. For more information:

The survey enables to calculate two synthetic indicators :

  • the synthetic indicator of the business climate;

  • the turning point indicator which aims to detect the change in the economic situation.

The survey has been conducted since 1975, quaterly first, and monthly since 1993.

Until 2007, the survey has occurred each month except in August. Since 2008, it occurrs every month.

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