Trajectories and origins 


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Issues of immigration and integration play a growing role in public debate. Nonetheless, understanding of their effects is limited by a lack of knowledge of the career paths followed by immigrants and their descendants.

The purpose of the Trajectories and Origins Survey in 2008 (TeO) is to help us understand the extent to which geographical background is in itself a factor contributing to inequality or to limitations in access to the different resources of life in society (housing, language and education, work, public services and social benefits, contraception, health, nationality, network of relations, marriage market, etc.).

It explores the relationship between background and the other categories of distinctions in French society (gender, class, skin colour, age, district, etc.) in order to analyse the processes of integration, discrimination and identity construction within French society as a whole.

The last survey on this topic was conducted in 1992 (Geographical mobility and social integration survey).

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