Annual production survey 


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The annual production survey (EAP) has three main goals:

  • to identify the different activities carried out by enterprises via the breakdown of their turnover into subsectors, and to deduce their main activity (APE);
  • to provide elements allowing the production of high-quality on industrial output in order to meet the requirements of the European EBS regulation, but also to meet demands from national users, in particular from professional unions.
  • to provide the annual framework for short-term statistics in industry excluding the agri-food industry and sawmills. The EAP provides a detailed annual survey of French industrial products on behalf of the Industrial Production Index (IPI) and Producer Price Indices (PPI).

EBS is the contracted title of European business statistics. These statistics are governed by Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) 2020/1197 of 30 July 2020.

The survey was first conducted in 2009 covering data for 2008.

The annual production survey (EAP) is recent. It replaces :

  • the annual survey on enterprises in industry (EAE) which started in the mid 1960s ;

  • the survey on small industrial enterprises (EPEI) conducted by INSEE every four or five years which complemented the EAE on small enterprises ;

  • the annual branch surveys (EAB) in manufacturing and quarrying.

The annual production survey (EAP) eases the burden of surveyed enterprises by making widespread use of administrative sources. All the data already available in the administration, most notably tax data, are no longer part of a statistical survey.

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