Survey on associations

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The purpose of the survey on the situation of associations is to provide statistical data on all associations covered by the 1901 law and assimilated and actually carrying out an activity, whatever the field and whether or not they employ employees.

The objective is to count the active associations by field of activity, to evaluate the number of their members, their financial and human resources (employees and volunteers).

The themes concern the characterization of activities (main and possibly secondary) according to a nomenclature as much as possible identical to that of the 2014 survey, the human and financial resources of associations (employees, volunteers on the one hand; donations, contributions, patronage, public funding, on the other hand), their expenditure (salaries, current expenditure...), their organization (membership of a network,...) and their scope of intervention.

Among the population of non-employer associations, the priority objective remains to estimate a number of active associations by field of activity. The questionnaire of non-employer associations is extended, in particular on the origin of resources and expenditure, by bringing it as close as possible to the questionnaire sent to employer associations.
This request comes first and foremost from the consultation committee of the survey.

This is the renewal of a first survey conducted in 2014 (situation of associations in 2013).
The survey conducted in 2014 was a first for official statistics, which had never directly surveyed associations. In particular, it responded to one of the key recommendations of the CNIS report "Connaissance des associations" published in December 2010.

The 2014 survey consisted in two questionnaires, with the questionnaire of non-employer associations being much less detailed than that of employer associations.

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