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Flores is a set of micro-data files that describe paid employment and earnings at the establishment level (local unit of a company). The main objective is to serve as a basis for national or local studies to describe the economic fabric of a given territory down to the level of the municipality.

Flores covers all salaried employment, whatever the sector of activity and the type of employer (public or private, including individual employers).

Compared to the other available sources on paid employment at local level, it is an intermediate product between the Employment Estimates on the one hand, which are aggregate statistics at the level of regions, departments and employment areas, and on the other hand the micro-data files at "salaried position" level, which are very detailed but of a more complex use and intended primarily for the study of wages at individual level.

Each Flores vintage contains data for two years, which makes it possible to carry out level and evolution analyses.

Flores is mainly constructed from the "All employees databases" (formerly called "DADS Grand format"). The formatting and level of detail are adapted for an easier use by data scientists.

The year 2017 corresponds to the first compilation of Flores, which succeeds the "Local Knowledge of the Productive System (Clap)" process.

Compared to Clap, the main addition of Flores is the presentation of two years simultaneously in the same file (N-1 and N), which makes it possible to calculate annual changes.

The last vintage of Clap described the year 2015. The results from Flores and Clap are not comparable, and therefore should not be used together to measure changes over time.

In particular:

  • Clap covered all active establishments, both employers and non-employers. The number of establishments with zero employees at the end of the year was therefore much higher in Clap, because of this difference in scope.

  • Conversely, Clap only counted so-called non-adjunct jobs, i.e. jobs exceeding a certain threshold of pay and/or duration. This restriction has been removed in Flores, which counts all jobs.

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