Tax and social incomes survey 


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The Tax and Social Incomes Survey (ERFS) provides information on the types of income the household receives :

- individual income received by each household member: wages, pensions, unemployment benefit, agricultural, industrial, commercial and non-commercial profits ;

- income that cannot be individualised: social benefits (family-related allowances, housing allowances and minimum social benefits) and also investment income ;

- taxes paid by the household (income tax, local residence tax).

The ERFS survey analyses income according to the usual socio-demographic criteria (socio-professional category and age of the people in the household, size of the household, activity of each individual etc.) and measures people's standard of living (equivalised household income) and poverty.

From 2006, the Tax and Social Incomes Survey (ERFS) replaced the Tax Income Survey (ERF), which had been conducted since 1956. Data concerning income in 2005 exist in two versions: the old ERF and the new ERFS.

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