Survey on the cost price of new housing

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he calculation of the Construction Cost Index (CCI) is based on the results of a mandatory statistical survey on the "Construction Cost Index and New Housing Cost Price".

The Construction Cost Index (CCI) has existed since 1953. It is a price index for the construction of new housing, of constant quality, which makes it possible to follow the evolution of prices in construction; it is also used as a deflator in national accounts for the construction sector.

Until 2008, it was used to index housing rents and is still used to index certain contracts (commercial leases in particular).

In late 2009, Insee and SDeS modified the index calculation method. The "hedonic" index has the advantage of:
- significantly reduce the response burden on companies;
- eliminate footage costs;
- to be more precise;
- to better adapt to the economic situation.

The unit being interviewed is the building permit.

The survey takes place in metropolitan France except in Corsica.

The Construction Cost Index (CCI) was created in 1953. It was always calculated by Insee, which had its own survey.

In 1969, the Ministry of Equipment established a New Housing Cost Survey (NLCP). The first five NLCP surveys were conducted between 1969 and 1976. This survey carried out by the Ministry was repeated in 1978 and merged with Insee's ICC survey. The questionnaire was revised for the first time in 1990. For individual constructions, the questionnaire was modified in 2006. In 2009, the phase 1 and 2 questionnaires were thoroughly revised for the changeover to the "hedonic" index. The considerably simplified PRLN survey has changed little since then.


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