Elaboration of annual statistics of companies 


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The ESANE scheme allows the production of the structural business statistics, that is an annual "snapshot" of the population of enterprises belonging to the productive system and their main characteristics. These statistics respond to numerous, various and diverse needs emanating from the French political and administrative authorities, the European Commission (Eurostat), the French statisticians and in particular the national accountants, professionals and social partners in the business world, media or the general public. These statistics are produced by mobilizing as much as possible administrative data complemented by ad hoc statistical surveys.

The ESANE scheme also reduces the burden of response required from the enterprises (reduction of half of the questionnaire). It decreases production times to give the results more quickly.

The scheme ESANE succeeds the previous Annual Business Surveys (EAE) and Suse (Unified Corporate Statistics System). It has been implemented in 2009, to produce the data relative to year 2008.

The ESANE device replaces and unifies both former devices which worked before in parallel; the EAE (annual survey of companies) and Suse (Unified Corporate Statistics System, based on administrative data), and allows significant productivity and quality gains.

Since 2008 this new scheme jointly uses, via specific statistical estimators, administrative data and survey data coming from the ESA and EAP survey in order to produce the most accurate sector-based statistics.

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