Programme for the International Assessment of Adult Competencies 


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The Survey of Adult Skills aims at assessing the adult skills for processing information provided by paper or by computer. The main goal is to determine if the respondents are able to face the changes occurring in the working environment and in everyday life. The programme for the international assessment of adult competencies (PIAAC) differs from the survey IVQ which concerns a related theme, particularly because in the survey PIAAC a computer is used and there is a one-dimensional approach on the skills, whereas in IVQ there are several dimensions of skills in the mastery of written language.

The programme PIAAC aims at assessing theses skills in the frame of cross-national comparisons between countries members of OECD.

Although the survey PIAAC has many ties with the survey IALS and the survey ALL, OECD presents the operation as a new tool because of the major methodological changes.

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