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The aim of the Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) survey of households is to collect information :

- Describing households' equipment and uses of information and communication technologies (information technology, fixed-line and mobile internet).

This survey thus responds to a European Union request concerning the use of ICT.


From 1996 to 2005, the Permanent Living Conditions Survey scheme (EPCV) has provided a yearly measurement of the proportion of households equipped with mobile telephones and microcomputers. Since 1999, it has also tracked the internet access of households.

From 2001, a variable component of the Permanent Living Conditions Survey of households has been implemented : the "New Technologies" Survey. It has enabled to measure the distribution of different types of equipment at household and individual levels.

It has also covered, in a detailed manner, the use of the mobile telephone, Minitel system, microcomputer and internet, when broken down into places of use : home, work and school.

The last survey, conducted in October 2005 as a variable survey of the EPCV scheme, had the more specific aim of detailing the impact of ICTs on the living conditions of households, the skills of individuals (particularly in mobile telephony and the internet) and the sharing of equipment within a household.

In 2005 and 2006, the Household Economic Outlook Survey (CAMME) was used in the framework of "micro-platforms" in which the topic of ICT use was covered.

Since 2007, given the development of new technologies, the household Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) Survey has become an annual stand-alone survey.

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