Survey about homeless

Paru le : 19/03/2019


The main objectives of the survey Homeless in 2012 are :

- to describe the characteristics of the homeless people and the people without a fixed residence : the aim is to compare the homeless with the population living in an ordinary housing on topics such as health, employment, living standards ;

- to describe the difficulties of access to housing and the life trajectories that led people to the situation of being homeless in order to identify the processes of exclusion ;

- to estimate the number of homeless people.


The 2001 survey was first conducted in Europe. The survey is part of continuity. The 2001 methodology was based on the analysis of experiments in the United States since the 80s ( Urban Institute ( 1987 ), Research Triangle Institute ( 1991), Board of the Census (1996)) and in France by INED ( in 1995, 1997 and 1998). The principle is to sample locations likely to host homeless and, in these places, to sample users (these are not necessarily homeless, and the questionnaire must establish their housing ( or non-housing) status.

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