Statistics on income and living conditions


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The European Union Statistics on Income and Living Conditions (EU-SILC) is an instrument aiming at collecting timely and comparable cross-sectional and longitudinal multidimensional microdata on income, poverty, social exclusion and living conditions. This is the major source of comparative statistics on income and living conditions in Europe.

This system responds to a demand of the European Commission and is steered by Eurostat.

The "Statistiques sur les ressources et conditions de vie" (SRCV) instrument is the French part of the EU-SILC.

The first aim of EU-SILC is to produce structural indicators of social cohesion and social inclusion ("Laeken indicators") for the annual report to the Commission.

It allows to have a better understanding on the level and composition of poverty and social exclusion and permits to establish reliable and relevant comparisons between the Member States.

In 1994, EUROSTAT - the statistical office of the European Union - set up the ECHP: European Community Household Panel.

The aim was to study the income and the living conditions of different categories of households within the European Union.

The European Community Household Panel was carried out until 2001 and was, as its name indicates, a panel: the individuals belonging to the initial sample were surveyed again each year, even if they moved.

The "Statistics on Income and Living Conditions" (SILC) instrument took over from the Panel in 2004.

The SILC instrument is governed by a 2003 European Regulation establishing the themes to be addressed to a greater degree of detail than previously with the European Panel and with a larger coverage in Europe.

The aim is to provide the European Union with a database of comparable data that is updated each year and which will serve as a reference in matters of income, living conditions and social exclusion in the Member States.

The current French SRCV system took over from the former permanent survey of living conditions (EPCV) system in 2004: it reprises some questions from the EPCV to produce social indicators considered indispensable for the specific needs of the French statistical institute but not required within the European framework.

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