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Dernière mise à jour le : 09/03/2018

March 2018

09/03/2018 - Industrial production index is rebased and now using 2015 as a reference year

Starting from the publication of the indices of January 2018, please note that in accordance with European directives, the industrial production indices will use 2015 as reference year. The industrial production indices will switch from a fixed base index to an annual chained-linked index, implying some revisions in the past. The time series of the previous basis are now interrupted and fixed to their last values.

06/03/2018 - From now on, agricultural price indexes are disseminated in reference year 2015=100

The index of the price of agricultural outputs (index of producer prices of agricultural products, IPPAP) and inputs (indices of purchase prices of the means of agricultural production, IPAMPA) haved changed their base and reference year in accordance with European directives. They are now published in base and reference 100 in 2015. The series in base and reference 100 in 2010 are stopped in December 2017, month of their last dissemination. The methodological information concerning these base year and reference changes are available on the Web page of agricultural price indexes monthly publication (flag: Documentation in french).

January 2018

Production price indices in the industry will be rebased 2015=100 in February 2018

In accordance with the European directives, producer and import price indices will be disseminate in reference and base 100=2015 from February 28th 2018, release date of January 2018 results. Additional information (only in French) about changes of the base year indices is available on the flag documentation of the Informations Rapides of these indicators.

May 2017

05/12/2017 - Civil engineering indices: a new index on fiber optic networks

From the release of the indices for February 2017, on May 12th 2017, INSEE publishes a new index within civil engineering indices, TP12d “Fiber optic networks”. The heading of the index TP12a has been modified, it is now entitled “Energy and communication networking except fiber optics”. Its calculation method remains unchanged.

The composition of the civil engineering indices is explained at:

  • https://www.bdm.insee.fr/bdm2/choixCriteres?codeGroupe=1607

March 2017

03/01/2017 - Price indices for maintenance and improvement of existing dwellings: values rectification for Q3 2016 and Q4 2016

Some technical problems have disrupted the dissemination of some Price indices for maintenance and improvement of existing dwellings: 4321A - Electricity; 4322A - Sanitary plumbing; 4322B - HVAC engineering; 4331Z - Plaster works; 4332A - Wood and PVC joinery; 4332B - Metal joinery, locksmithing; 4334Z - Painting, wall coating, resilient flooring; 4391 - Roofing activities and 4399C - Masonry, reinforced concrete, tiling for Q3 2016 and Q4 2016. They were rectified in the BDM on February 28th, 2017.

January 2017

01/31/2017 - Revision of some Turnover indices

Turnover indices (total and exports) have been recalculated in the building of ships and floating structures to take better into account exceptional deliveries of ocean liners in 2016. The result is unusual revisions in the shipbuilding sector but also by aggregation in manufacture of other transport equipment and in the manufacturing industry.

The 12 following series are involved:

001772044, 001772406, 001772407, 001772408, 001772419, 001772420, 001772421, 001772463, 001772464, 001772465, 001772497, 001772600.