Annual sectoral survey 


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The purpose of the Annual Sectoral Survey (ESA) is to observe the different activities performed by companies by breaking down their turnover into activities (sectoral classification) and thereby deducing their principal activity (APE).

It is also used to observe the legal restructuring that affects the lives of businesses, to fill in certain parts of the tax forms relating to investment or employment, and to describe the principal characteristics of each economic sector.

The ESA survey is an integral part of the French system of production Structural Business Statistics Esane. The results of the survey are integrated to the SBS produced by the Esane system.

The survey was conducted for the first time in 2009 on the data of 2008.

The ESA survey  has replaced the annual business surveys (EAE) on the fields of trade, market services excluding financial enterprises, the agri-food industries, building industry, transport,  forestry and sawwmills.

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