The computerisation of data exchange

Many municipalities communicate their information relating to the management of civil status or the electoral roll to Insee by computerised means (including via the AIREPPNET application).

INSEE is developing and modernising its direct remote transmission devices to facilitate their integration into the management systems of municipalities.

Two solutions are available for the transmission of civil status and electoral roll data. Since 1st October 2013, these two solutions also allow municipalities to download the information required to update electoral rolls (addition of young people, applications for deregistration, notes).

Dernière mise à jour le : 16/09/2016


This application for loading units and transferring files between INSEE and municipalities is already in place in more than 5,000 municipalities. INSEE regional directorates are a source of information for municipalities wishing to incorporate such a system.

The file repository-removal service

This solution is provided to publishers by INSEE. It involves provision of software publishers integrated into the business software (civil status or electoral) of municipalities. Only some publishers offer this solution, interested municipalities can contact them.