Epsilon, public statistic digital libraryFrench official statistical system’s digital publications

Dernière mise à jour le :13/12/2017

Since 2011, digital library Epsilon provided access to most of official statistical system’s digital publications in full text. Today, it contains all the regular Insee national and regional publications, and publications of eleven of sixteen Ministerial Statistical Departments (SSM).

All the regular publications are continuously uploaded. Epsilon is also regularly enriched by operations to digitize ancient collections. On Epsilon, we find all the publications present on insee.fr and also a large part of Insee’s publications edited more than 10 years ago. It represents over 34,000 documents available for free download.

In order to check the availability of an item in the library, to find out whether the Insee library has useful document resources for your search or to organize your visit to the library: Contact us (in French)