Localised disposable income system 


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Production of an indicators set on the declared income (before redistribution) on the one hand, and on the disposable income (after redistribution and allocation of undeclared investment income) on the other hand, at the municipal, supra-communal and intra-communal levels :
- Usual indicators of income distribution analysis (numbers, quartiles, deciles, median, etc. income per consumption unit) on the entire population as well as on subpopulations
- Poverty rate
- Income structure indicators

For several years, INSEE has been publishing indicators on declared income of households at all geographic levels until the infracommunal level (RFL) as well as disposable income indicators at departmental level (RDL).
The FiLoSoFi device has been implemented in order to obtain standard of living, inequality and poverty indicators at local sub-departmental level. It replaces the Localised tax income system (RFL) and Localised disposable income system (RDL).

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