Courrier des statistiques

Dernière mise à jour le :09/10/2019

The Courrier des statistiques is aimed at the statistician, whether a beginner or an expert, but also at the citizen. The journal's ambition is to address all the major issues in official statistics. Its approach is intended to be educational, open to a variety of subjects, authors and points of view. Finally, it highlights the collective capacity to evolve and innovate.


  • Birth of an Innovation in Statistical Production – Abstract, Jean-Marc Béguin
  • Pogues, a Questionnaire Design Tool, Franck Cotton and Thomas Dubois
  • Eno, a Collection Instrument Generator, Heïdi Koumarianos and Éric Sigaud
  • Internet Business Data Collection: INSEE Enters the Coltrane Era, Olivier Haag and Anne Husseini-Skalitz
  • Using Scanner Data to Calculate the Consumer Price Index, Marie Leclair
  • The Secure Data Access Centre (CASD), a Service for Datascience and Scientific Research, Kamel Gadouche
  • A New Judicial Triptych for European Statistics, Hervé Piffeteau
  • FRIBS: A New Common Framework for European Business Statistics, Christel Colin
  • IESS: Europe Harmonises its Social Statistics to Better Inform Public Policies, Chantal Cases
  • The German Statistical System: Change Facilitated by European Regulations – Abstract, Véronique Alexandre and Jean-Pierre Cling

This issue contains a special folder "Germany".

  • The Modernisation of Administrative Registers in Germany - Current Developments and Challenges for Official Statistics, Arno Bens, Stefan Schukraft
  • The New Mikrozensus in Germany - An Integrated System of Household Surveys by 2020, Pascal M. Rivière
  • Measuring Security and Satisfaction with Institutions in France - The Impetus Given by the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals, François Clanché
  • RMéS: INSEE’s Statistical Metadata Repository, Dominique Bonnans
  • Élire, an Ambitious Project to the Benefit of the Single Electoral Register, Magali Demotes-Mainard
  • Short-term Business Statistics - European Impulse, French Advances, Philippe Scherrer
  • Profiling at INSEE - A More Relevant Identification of Economic Actors, Olivier Haag

This issue contains a special folder on "The Statistician and Administrative Sources".

  • Using Administrative Declarations for Statistical Purposes, Pascal Rivière
  • Understanding the Nominative Social Declaration (DSN) for Better Statistical Measurement, Catherine Renne
  • The Legal Entity Identifier - International Context and Role of INSEE, Pierrette Schuhl