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The purpose of the permanent database of facilities (BPE) is to provide information on the level of facilities and services a territory provides for its population.

Various types of data can be produced from this database, such as the presence or absence of a facility, the density of a facility, or an availability indicator of a facility from the point of view of the inhabitants; all these data can be provided for a geographical area that may be at infra-municipality level (statistical block groups).

By providing detailed information about the location of facilities and population, distances can be calculated between areas municipalities that do or do not provide certain facilities, for example, the spatial concentration of facilities can be studied, and facilities and their potential users can be brought together.


The first BPE covered data for 2007.

The permanent database of facilities (BPE) partly replaces the municipality inventory, last carried out in 1998. Although they are similar, the information in the BPE is updated every year and lists a much wider range of facilities (186 instead of 36) with the location of these facilities given much more precisely and the precise geographical coordinates are provided for some of them.

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