Monthly tendency survey in industry

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The objective of the monthly business tendency survey in industry is to provide early information on the development of activity, demand and production capacity in industry for the purpose of short-term diagnosis and forecasting of the industrial situation, both at national and European level.

The purpose of the monthly business tendency survey in industry is to record the opinion of business mangers in industry on their recent activity and business prospects.

It makes it possible to know the trend in the activity of each industrial sector covered, but also to explain this trend, which is fundamental to anticipate short-term developments. The business managers surveyed give their opinion on the change in production itself and the level of related variables, such as order books and stocks.

The survey also aims to transcribe the opinion of business managers on demand for their products and on their production capacity.

This opinion is tracked by monitoring demand (past and expected, total and foreign) and variables such as production bottlenecks, workforce trends, production capacity, prices, investments, etc.

This survey is part of the joint harmonised EU programme of business and consumer surveys managed by the European Commission (Directorate-General for Economic and Financial Affairs - DG ECFIN). As such, the questionnaire, classifications and methodology are largely harmonised between the national public or private organizations carrying out this survey in the programme partner countries. For more information:

Two synthetic indicators are computed from the survey data:

  • the composite business climate indicator in industry;

  • the economic turning point indicator, which aims to detect as early as possible the moment when the business cycle changes direction.

The survey was conducted for the first time in 1962. Until 2007, the survey was conducted monthly except in August. Since 2008, it has been held every month.

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