Survey on outsourcing in companies

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This survey, a national initiative, aims to improve statistical knowledge of outsourcing , which has become an essential method of organizing production. Indeed, in order to remain competitive, both in terms of cost and quality, in the face of increased competition, companies have been able to progressively refocus on their core business and entrust to others "everything that they do not know, do not want or cannot do by themselves under reasonable economic conditions".

At present, however, official statistics provide only a limited number of disparate data on this subject, almost exclusively focused on outsourcing entrusted and incomplete for understanding outsourcing in its entirety (FARE, ESA, EAP surveys). The last national surveys dealing with outsourcing date from 2002 for the survey on inter-company relations (ERIE) and from 2006 for the survey on organizational changes and information and communication techniques (COI). More recently, the CAM survey on global activity chains, collected in 2021, has also dealt with this topic, but via a single question that concerned only firms with more than 50 employees.

Thus, outsourcing was not the central theme of these surveys and the definition of outsourcing is not always consistent with that used in this survey (e.g., confusion between subcontracting and service provision in Erie, mixing of subcontracting/outsourcing and offshoring for the 2012 and 2016 CAM surveys, and then exclusion of subcontracting from the scope of the CAM survey in 2020).

The aim of this survey is therefore to collect:

  • quantitative data on subcontracting entrusted as well as on subcontracting received, by activity and by company function;

  • qualitative information allowing a better estimation of the impact of subcontracting on companies: criteria of choice and degree of autonomy of subcontractors, geographical location, main products concerned, etc.;

  • information on the impact of the health crisis on subcontracting activities.

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