Survey on central civil service employees 


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The purpose of the survey on central civil service employees is to collect information on the employees of the central civil service not available in administrative data, in order to carry out more detailed analyses of the determinants of the salary and to deepen important topics related to wages, such as wage gaps between men and women.

This survey completes the "Ecmoss" survey (labour cost and structure of earnings survey – "enquête sur le coût de la main d’oeuvre et la structure des salaires" in French). This survey allows INSEE to produce the European structural statistics requested by Eurostat and Dares (statistical service of the Ministry of Labour) to carry out annual monitoring of the structure of earnings and working time.

The survey was carried out for the first time during 2011, and covered the year 2010. It was repeated every four years (results on 2014, on 2018 and 2022).

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