Statistical business register 


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The Sirus directory is intended to be the reference in terms of the field of business statistics and is the statistical complement to the computer system for the directory of businesses and their establishments (Sirene). Sirus is intended to be the reference for all applications and statistical sources in the enterprise domain.

It contains all the market production units and all the employer units to constitute the reference for business statistics and employment statistics. For all these units, it records characteristics such as turnover, sector classification, number of employees, thanks to updates from a multitude of sources.

This directory includes both legal units (legal units, establishments) and statistical units (profiled enterprises and their contour, groups and their contour). Profiling a group of companies consists in defining the statistical observation structure of the group that seems the most appropriate for an observation of economic activity that is situated in the "real" sphere. This operation, called "profiling", is justified in the case of large groups present in several fields of activity. The units thus defined are called profiled enterprises: they are groupings of legal units of a group enjoying a certain autonomy of decision, in particular for the allocation of their current resources.

Sirus has for objective :
- the pooling of statistical units;
- management of business-related statistical information;
- the measurement of the statistical burden on enterprises (the time spent by enterprises responding to surveys to complete questionnaires).

It also makes new information available and exclusively accessible through this directory. For example, in December 2008, a decree implementing the French law on the modernisation of the economy (LME) defined the enterprise using the definition of the European regulation and calls for the classification, for the purposes of statistical and economic analysis, of enterprises into four categories (microenterprises, small and medium-sized enterprises, mid-cap enterprises, large enterprises).

The basic unit in Sirus is the company.

The Sirus register as profiling was an output of the project of redesign the annual production of business statistics.

The Sirus project started in 2009 and its database has been initialized in October 2011. An initial frame of reference was delivered at the same time.

In September 2012, the project step ended and the Sirus register started its production phase.