Improving its methods and assessing quality

INSEE and official statistics
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INSEE has another role :

  • development of the most effective statistical methods, whether for sample selection, processing survey non-responses or multimode data collection ;
  • quality assessment of statistical production ;
  • international cooperation: training and methodological support.

Methods and quality

A great deal of work is devoted to the methodology used for household or population surveys, as well as business surveys. The development of a quality assurance framework, especially in the area of household surveys and administrative sources, is a priority for the Institute.

INSEE's international cooperation

As regards international relationships, INSEE cooperates with international organisations (OECD, UN,...) as well as national statistical institutes. As such, it contributes to the building and implementation of the European Statistical System and provides expertise for the development and the harmonisation of the official statistics at the international level. INSEE's experts participate to international conferences where they promote the Institute's methods and best practices. INSEE takes thus an active part to the definition of the UN sustainable development indicators.

The INSEE's international technical cooperation meets the following targets :

  • it technically helps the beneficiary countries to build a statistical system in line with international standards
  • it takes part, in its fields of expertise, in the French bilateral cooperation policy.

The international statistical cooperation strategy is annually defined.

Insee focuses mainly on three geographical areas : Europe outside the EU, Maghreb and Sub-Saharian Africa. Cooperation actions with Sub-Saharian Africa are mainly conducted hand in hand with Afristat, the Sub Saharian African economic and statistical observatory whose 19 members are mainly French-speaking African countries.

Our cooperation covers most of the areas of statistics, focusing on National Accounts where our key-actions are the on-site development of the ERETES tool, which supports the production of National Accounts.

A major part of the activities performed are financially supported by a technical cooperation budget allocated by the Ministries of Finance and Economy (called "bilateral cooperation"). We also apply to calls for tenders or twinning programmes , mainly from the EU, which give raise to cooperation activities (called "multilateral cooperation"). To answer these calls for tenders, Insee is always associated with Expertise France, the French Agency for International Technical Expertise, which also plays the role of operator for Insee.

There are also some publications to support this cooperation.

INSEE publishes :

  • Information newsletter "International Technical Support"

And co-edits :

  • The methodology journal "Statéco"