Survey on networks scope in retail and services

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The survey's aim is to identify for each  network head company, the list of members establishments depending on their different forms of organisation (franchise networks, concessions, purchasing groups).

The objective of this survey is to identify the scopes of the networks that operate in the retail and service sectors.  It aims to identify for each network head the list of institutions belonging to the network, according to the form of organization (franchise, cooperative grouping,...).

This survey is used to populate a directory to cover the exhaustiveness of retail and service networks.

The survey also allows for a number of studies to quantify the weight of networks by sub-sector and to measure the specificity of affiliated institutions (location, size, employment) by matching them with additional information sources.

A pilot survey was conducted in 2010 on 315 networks to validate the organisation of data collection and to initialise a networks register. This survey is one of several surveys dealing with trading and  services. The most recent surveys are the survey on networks in services in 2015, the survey on food retail trade networks in 2016 and the survey on cutural goods and leisure, house equipment, information and communication equipment in 2018. All sectors have also been surveyed in 2020.
The concept of "network" has been integrated to the Outlets retail survey in 2009 and 2014.

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