Annual business survey in trade 

Trade EAE

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The aim is to collect the main structural data from various business sectors and harmonise them according to the European plan, so that preparation of the national accounts and analyses in the business sector can be improved.

This business survey was first launched in 1971 in a limited number of commercial sectors.

Its scope was then gradually broadened and in the 1974 financial year it covered all wholesale and retail businesses, bakeries and patisseries, cooked meat products, and lastly the trade and repair of automobiles.

Several events have marked the history of this survey: change in the general accounting plan, breaks in the fields covered, change of classification... and finally, in 1996, transition to what is called a "fourth generation" survey.

From 2009 (data from 2008), the annual business survey (EAE) was replaced by the less comprehensive annual sector survey (ESA).

This survey systematically exploits the administrative sources available to INSEE, in order to reduce the burden of response required from the enterprises.

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