Annual Construction Survey

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The annual enterprise survey (AES) of the construction sector is one of six annual enterprise surveys, conducted by public statistics, covering the main sectors of the market economy. These annual surveys (AIS) are one of the main sources of detailed information on the sector they concern.

An effort has been made to harmonise these surveys. This is why their questionnaires are relatively similar as regards general data (headcount and remuneration, accounting data, investments and disposals). The specificities of the sectors studied are the subject of adapted questions: for example, for the EAE of the construction sector, the distribution of the turnover according to the nature of the works and the owners, the location of the building sites.

An undertaking may have several distinct activities within the meaning of the French classification of activities (NAF); its main activity (APE) is determined on the basis of the distribution of its turnover between all its activities. The scope of the survey consists of enterprises which closed an accounting year during the year in question and whose main activity is construction. Their EPA code belongs to NAF section 45.

The basic statistical unit is the enterprise, which is a legal entity (either an individual enterprise or a company). The units surveyed are companies with their head office in mainland France. Subsidiary companies located in metropolitan France are interviewed separately from their parent companies.

Information is collected from companies, mainly on the basis of their company accounts.

In this form, the survey has existed since 1968. Previously, there was a branch survey set up in 1956. The 1984 survey inaugurated a new generation of surveys (the third) on the basis of the adoption of the current chart of accounts, which dates from 1982.

The activity nomenclature, which describes the main activity (APE code) carried out by an enterprise, changed on 1 January 1993: on that date the French activity nomenclature (NAF) harmonised with the European Community activity nomenclature (NACE Rev.1) entered into force.

For the presentation of the results of the annual surveys, NAF therefore replaces, as from the 1993 financial year, the "activities" version of NAP 73, resulting in a recodification of the APE codes for all firms and breaks in series between 1992 and 1993.

Since 1997, the annual survey of so-called fourth-generation construction companies has undergone major changes both in terms of the questionnaire, which has been thoroughly renovated and simplified, and in automatic processing. This change has led to series breaks, particularly in the analysis of construction sites. 1999 was the first year of implementation of this strategy.

In 2005, the annual company survey (EAE) was renovated: collection and questioning were reduced.


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