Annual sectoral survey 2020 

ESA 2020

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Présentation statistique

Data description

The themes addressed in the survey are as follows:
-The business's principal activity;
-The events occurring during the accounting year (merger-absorption, full transfert of assets, partial transfer of assets, split off);
-The details of the restructuring (increases and decreases in fixed assets);
-Employment (non-employeed staff, temporary staff, staff leased to other companies, etc.);
-Breakdown of turnover by product or detailed activity;
-Professional expenses (non-stored purchases, incorporated sub-contracting, etc.);

Sectoral characteristics such as:
- Breakdown of the turnover of the form of sales like company retail;
- Analysis of the customer base (breakdown of turnover by type of customer);
- Analysis of the providers retail;
- Other charges and external charges (general sub-contracting, rent and rental charges, maintenance expenses, etc.) for transport companies;
- Long-term assets, a for agri-food companies and agricultural cooperative;
- Work performed on existing or future buildings;
- Type of work performed.

Sector coverage

More precisely, in terms of sectors of activity, the scope of the survey in metropolitan France includes the sectors of forestry and sawmills, agri-food industries, trade, construction, transport and other mainly market services (excluding the financial sector).
 There is also a specific questionnaire for the French overseas departments, covering all these sectors, plus industry.

Statistical unit


Statistical population

For the metrolopitan France, the scope of the survey covers the economic sectors of trade, market services excluding financial enterprises, the agri-food industries, building industry, transport, forestry and sawwmills (class 02.20).
For the overseas departments, the survey covers in addition the extractive, manufacturing and energy industry.
The survey also allows to collect accounting information for the profiled enterprises.

All sizes of businesses are covered by the scope of the survey.

Time coverage

Calendar year