Annual Industry Survey 

EAE industry

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As in transport, trade and services, construction, the annual enterprise survey (AES) in industry provides statistics on the main economic characteristics of enterprises in the sector. An effort has been made to harmonise these annual surveys: the questionnaires are relatively similar in terms of general data (headcount and remuneration, accounting data, investments and disposals).

AIS in the industry focus on key aspects of the activity. Classified by main activity, the enterprise is treated as a whole, unlike "branch surveys" where, fragmented by activity, observation focuses on the products of an activity.

The main topics of the questionnaire at company level are the conditions for carrying out the activity, economic results, tangible and intangible investments, subcontracting, the distribution of turnover by activity, and at establishment level, the type of activity, the workforce, remuneration and investments of the company and its establishments.

The aim is to compile statistics on the structure of industrial enterprises.

- the diversity of activities, their evolution, the factors of production used

- the geographical diversification of establishments, their economic performance and their regional, national, Community and international development.

The scope covers companies in metropolitan France.

The first annual company survey in its current form (known as the 4th generation) was carried out in 1997 for the 1996 financial year.


Directorate General for Enterprise