Compilation of Employment Estimates

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Présentation statistique

Data description

Employment Estimates are the reference source for cyclical employment monitoring. They record, annually and quarterly, the number of people in employment in France (excluding Mayotte).

Annual estimates measure total employment (employed and self-employed) over the last week of the year. Quarterly estimates determine paid employment at the end of the quarter. Employment Estimates provide employment levels and trends by sector of activity (up to level A88 of the Naf rev. 2) and by geographical level (up to the employment area).

They are based on a synthesis of several statistical sources of administrative origin. These sources are based on social declarations made by employers, or those of self-employed workers (in France excluding Mayotte). Any employment reported in the administrative data is recorded. In the Employment Estimates, persons who hold several jobs at the same time (either because they are employees and have several employers, or because they are both self-employed and employees) are counted only once, under their main job, which is the one that provides them with the highest remuneration over the year.

Classification system

French classification of activities (Naf rév.2).

Sector coverage

The annual Estimates cover total employment (employed and self-employed) in France (excl. Mayotte), over all business sectors. Detail is available as follows:

  • Metropolitan France: level A88 of Naf rév.2 for paid employment; level A5 for self-employed

  • << Régions >> and << départments >>: level A38 for paid employment; level A5 for self-employed

  • Areas of employment: level A5 for paid emloyment;  total level for self-employed.

The quarterly Estimates cover only paid employment in France (excl. Mayotte), over all business sectors. Detail is available as follows:

  • France: level A38 of Naf rév.2 and some levels A88 (Transportation and storage, construction, wholesale and retail trade, accomodation and food service activities)

  • << Régions >> and << départments >>: level A17

Statistical concepts and definitions

Employment at the place of work in number of individuals, at the end of the period (year or quarter)

Statistical unit

A person

Statistical population

Annually: people working in France (excl. Mayotte) during the last week of the year.

Quarterly: people working as employees in France (excl. Mayotte) at the end of the quarter.

Time coverage

Annually: - National: since 1970 (1954 with no activity split) - Regions et departments: since 1989 - Areas of employment: since 1998. Quarterly: - National: since 1970Q4 - Regions and departments: since 2001Q4

Base period

Annually: 2018. Quarterly: last annual employment Estimates computed.