Cooling Economic Outlook - December 2022


Conjoncture in France- December 2022

Consumer prices

The inflationary tensions that began in 2021, primarily over energy, intensified in 2022 due to significant supply constraints, and extended to all other consumption items, especially food, via the rise in production prices. After falling in August and again in September, year-on-year variations in consumer prices rose again in October 2022 (6.2% year-on-year). In particular, the prices of petroleum products increased significantly in October, in the context of fuel shortages. The decrease in the “reduction at the pump” in mid-November is expected to cause these prices to rise again by the end of the year. The year-on-year variation in consumer prices is then expected to be 6.6% at the end of 2022, after 6.2% in November, mainly because of energy. All in all, consumer prices look set to rise by an average of 5.3% as an annual variation between 2021 and 2022, an unprecedented rise since the mid-1980s... 

Conjoncture in France

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