Insee Conjoncture

INSEE and official statistics
Dernière mise à jour le : 21/08/2017

The Insee Conjoncture series comprises four titles (in French unless otherwise specified): Informations Rapides, Daily economic monitor, Note de conjoncture, Conjoncture in France.

Informations rapides

Informations Rapides reports the latest indices and the most recent results of Insee business and consumer surveys as soon as they become available. For economic decision-makers in government, the corporate and financial sector, and trade associations. 300 issues a year, including 120 issues of Principaux indicateurs ("Key Indicators").

Daily economic monitor

Daily economic monitor: the French economic outlook in 15 charts (continuously updated).

Notes and Conjoncture in France

To monitor current developments and short-term prospects in the French economy, Insee publishes three Notes de synthèse conjoncturelle (summaries of latest trends, ca. 100pp) and one Point conjoncturel (concise report, 6 pp.).

Special reports (Dossiers) discuss topical economic issues and major methodological issues. These studies are based on Insee business and consumer surveys and all the research summarized in the quarterly national accounts.

Available free in .PdF format in the Economic analysis section of this website (only in French).

Eurozone economic outlook

The Eurozone Economic Outlook is a quarterly joint publication with Ouvrir dans un nouvel ongletIfoin Munich and Ouvrir dans un nouvel ongletIstat in Rome. In two pages it presents short-term forecasts for the current and next quarters for GDP, consumption, industrial production and inflation in the euro zone.