Quarterly national accounts in Q2 2019 National accounts in base 2014 - Detailed figures

Detailed figures
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The gross domestic product (GDP) and its components National accounts in base 2014 - First estimate

Detailed figures

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The gross domestic product (GDP) is the main aggregate measuring the economic activity. It is equal to the sum of the gross value added of all the resident institutional units engaged in production, a given year, recorded at market prices.

It measures the new wealth created each year by the resident productive activities and allows international comparisons.

The GDP is published at current prices and in volume at chained prices. Its change in volume measures the economic growth. Its price index measures the price evolution of its components.

The main economic aggregates associated with the GDP give an overview of the evolution of the institutional sectors.

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Quarterly national accounts

Quarterly debt of the general government


Quarterly accounts are a consistent set of indicators which provides a global overview of recent economic activity.

Time series of the main aggregates of quarterly national accounts can be accessed through the "Summary". They are classified into eight categories:

  • Gross domestic product (GDP) and main economic aggregates ;
  • Goods and services ;
  • Households' consumption ;
  • Foreign trade ;
  • Activities ;
  • Institutional sectors ;
  • Households' income and purchasing power ;
  • Public finances.

For each category, are available :

  • synthetic files displaying from the accounts the relevant information for economic analysis ,
  • sometimes, one or two files displaying all the data available.