Données sociales : La société française - 2006 ed.

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Paru le : 01/05/2006

The recruitment and departure of workers aged over 50

Frédéric Lainé, Pierre Marioni

Older workers are less mobile than their younger counterparts. Even excluding retirement, they leave companies more often than they are recruited. If the hiring of older workers is closely linked to the economic situation, as it is for other age groups, they benefit less and later from a favourable economic situation. They are also more often recruited than 30-49 year-olds on a fixed-term employment contract. Moreover, older workers rarely leave their job for another, but instead for unemployment or economic inactivity. Workers aged 55 and over are more likely to be made permanently redundant for economic or other reasons than the whole workforce. Breaking with the previous two decades, local authorities have implemented various measures aimed at getting older people more involved in working life. For the moment, the impact of these policies seems limited: the employment rate of older workers has stopped falling, but remains at a very low level.

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Paru le : 01/05/2006