Local knowledge of the productive system / Clap

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Présentation de l'opération

Organisme producteur :

- Direction de la diffusion et de l'action régionale (DDAR)
- Pôle Clap (Direction régionale de Midi-Pyrénées)

Type d'opération :

Summary of administrative sources

Objectifs :

Local knowledge of the productive system (Clap) was designed to provide statistics on all aspects of the local economy.

Statistics are localised according to place of work down to municipality level, with data on salaried employment and pay for different activities in the market and non-market sectors.

Thèmes abordés :

The local productive system:

- characteristics of enterprises and establishments (number, size: sectory of activity) and wages paid;

- jobs offered by enterprises and establishments: number of jobs, socio-professional category, gender, type of employment (including: apprentices, subsidised contracts, interns);

- salaried employment measured in terms of "jobs" on 31 December of the year in question. Salaried employment is also evaluated in terms of full-time equivalent over the year.

Self-employed workers (craftsmen, the professions, etc.) are not counted. The Clap data are available at a very detailed geographic level (region, department, canton or town, municipality) and for a wide range of zones (employment zone, etc.).

Champ de l'opération

Champ géographique :

Metropolitan France and overseas departments

Champ(s) statistique(s) couvert(s) :

The data in Clap about any year concern enterprises and establishments that have had at least one day of economic activity in the financial year considered, whether they are employers or not.

Clap covers all activities in the market and non-market economy except the Ministry of Defence, and domestic employment (employment where the employer is a household).

Caractéristiques techniques

Périodicité de l'opération :

The data in Clap are updated annually and are available in the autumn of each year in the form of standard tables on the "Local statistics" (ESL) page at http://www.statistiques-locales.INSEE.fr.

Historique :

The first statistics to be issued by Clap covered data for the 2003 financial year.

Méthodologie :

Clap is an information system that is fed from various sources.

1. The enterprises and establishments register or REE-Sirene, is made up from the National Enterprise and Establishment Register (Sirene).

2. Data on salaried employment is produced by aligning information from four sources:

    - annual Declarations of social data (DADS) ;

    - summary contributions forms  from URSSAF (Organisation for the payment of social security and family benefit contributions) which make up the "Epure" information system;

    - the information system on civil servants;

    - data from the agricultural mutual benefit social fund (MSA) which complements URSSAF data for sectors of activity associated with agriculture (starting with data for the 2007 financial year).

Data on pay that appears in Clap are the total sum of gross wages for employees in an establishment. Pay corresponds to employee salaries and bonuses in the course of the financial year.

The classification used for the data in Clap until the 2007 financial year is the NAF rev.1.

After the 2008 year of reference, the aggregation levels associated specifically with NAF rev. 2 will be used. The Clap information source is used for economic analysis according to workplace location.

Clap is by no means a substitute for the employment estimates that are produced by INSEE; CLAP assesses employment according to job numbers, while INSEE's estimates assess employment according to the number of people occupied at the workplace.

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