Revised Hourly Labour Cost Index - all employeesICHTrev-TS

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The revised Hourly Labour Cost Index - all Employees (ICHTrev-TS) allows the monitoring of monthly trends in the hourly cost of labour (remunerations, social contributions and taxes inclusive of subsidies) and acts as a reference for certain contractual indexing clauses.

This index is calculated in response to a national and European requirement. It relates to the European regulations on short-term statistics ("STS" EC regulation no.1165/98, amended by EC regulation no. 1158/2005).


This index was calculated for the first time in 2009. It replaces the ICHT-TS, created in 1996, which was calculated on a "structure-constant" basis, i.e. not taking account of any changes to the description of jobs or of their distribution according to gender.

The old-formula ICHT-TS only covered 4 specific business sectors (Mechanical and Electrical Industries, Textile, Leather and Clothing, and Services provided primarily to enterprises).


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