Monthly outlook survey in industry 2010

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Statistical presentation

Statistical concepts and definitions

The monthly outlook survey in industry aims to transcribe the opinion of industrialists on their recent activity and business prospects.

This opinion is tracked by monitoring production itself and related variables such as order books, foreign demand and inventory.

The survey shows the activity trend in each of the industrial sectors covered, and also provides explanations of this trend, which is fundamental if we want to try to anticipate evolutions in the near future.

The survey also aims to transcribe the opinion of entrepreneurs on demand for their products and their production capacities.

This opinion is tracked by monitoring demand (past and forecasts, overall and foreign) and variables relating to production bottlenecks, changes in workforce, production capacities and prices.

Statistical population

The survey covers manufacturing industry and extraction industries; divisions 08 to 33 of NAF Rev. 2 (except 08.92Z, 09.10Z, 12, 19.10Z, 30.40Z).
Industrial enterprise

Reference area

Metropolitan France