Agricultural means of production purchasing price indexIpampa

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Statistical processing

Source data

Monthly data are extracted from four main sources (non-exhaustive list):
• the Survey of the Observation of Prices for Intermediate Consumptions (PCIA survey) of the Department of Agriculture's  Foresight and Evaluation Service (SSP);
• Producer price indices in industry and services and Building and public works index produced by Insee;
• Consumer price indices for monitoring energy price trends;
• The website of the Ministry for the Ecological and Inclusive Transition for the monthly price of domestic fuel.

Frequency of data collection


Data collection

PCIA survey and websites essentially

Data compilation

Results of the PCIA survey show a wide dispersion of prices for the same item. This dispersion is explained by the heterogeneity of articles, of their packaging or their composition. To deal with this heterogeneity, the chosen solution consists of measuring the average price evolution of the index basic series from a geometric mean of the price evolution. For the other items of the IPAMPA, the basic series are price indices published by INSEE (consumer price indices, production price indices in industry and services, Building and public works indices). The Agricultural means of production purchasing price aggregated indices are calculated on the basis of the Laspeyres formula with fixed base year. The base year is fixed for 5 years which means that the weighting structure, representative of the base year, is fixed for 5 years. The value weights from the weighting schemes were provided by the 2015 semi final Economic Accounts for Agriculture data. Agricultural means of production purchasing price indices labeled with 2015 as base and reference year are calculated using the new weighting structure since January 2013. The indices of the previous months are obtained by backcasting the monthly variations of the 2010 base and reference year indices.


According to the «Handbook for EU Agricultural Price Statistics», «the expenditure incurred by farmers in purchasing the means of production, including the purchases of crop products from other agricultural units for intermediate consumption, over the base period constitutes the basic value for calculating the value weights for the input index. This expenditure too is expressed excluding (deductible and reimbursable) VAT » «Means of production have to be valued at the purchase price which is the price the purchaser actually pays for the products. It includes taxes less subsidies on products (but excludes deductible taxes like deductible VAT).» «It is assumed by convention that the fertilisers and feedingstuffs purchased are used in the same production period and that there are no stocks on farm.» «The weights used in the index for Goods and services contributing to agricultural investment represent the expenditure incurred by farmers over the base period in purchasing this kind of goods and services.»