Agricultural means of production purchasing price indexIpampa

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Statistical presentation

Data description

IPAMPA indices are agricultural means of production purchasing price index. Agricultural means of production purchasing are composed of intermediate consumptions, as energy, seeds, fertilisers, plant protection products or animal feed, and of investments in material, such as tractors, or in buildings.
IPAMPA indices change their labeled base and reference year every 5 years. The latest change occured in March 2018. Since then, IPAMPA indices have been disseminated with 2015 as base and reference year.

Sector coverage


Statistical concepts and definitions

The Agricultural means of production purchasing price aggregated indices are calculated on the basis of the Laspeyres formula with fixed base year. The base year is fixed for 5 years which means that the weighting structure, representative of the base year, is fixed for 5 years. The value weights from the weighting schemes were provided by the 2015 semi final Economic Accounts for Agriculture data.

Statistical unit

Prices of agricultural means of production.

Reference area


Time coverage

From 2005

Base period