Services Production index base 2010

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The services production indexes in volume make it possible to measure monthly theevolution of the production in volume of the companies in the sectors concerned.

Due to the increasing weight of services in France but also in all European countries, INSEE has been developing an index of production in services since 2017. Like the Industrial production index (IPI), this index is calculated monthly. It is published 60 days after the end of the month, as the turnover indexes in value from which it is derived.

Production indices in services are covered by the European regulation on short-term statistics (Council Regulation (EC) No 1165/98 of 19 May 1998, as amended by its subsequent amendments).

In order to limit the statistical burden on businesses, and because information is collected on a regular basis by DGFiP, INSEE uses the value added tax (VAT) tax returns of companies to build monthly indices of turnover.

The tax authority provides INSEE with VAT returns every month.

Until 2015, turnover indices were calculated from a sample of companies reporting VAT on a monthly basis.

This sample, of some 160,000 companies, was renewed each year. It included an exhaustive stratum (the largest companies in each sector) and was drawn proportionally to turnover on the rest of the field.

Since 2016, all monthly returns are used to calculate the indices.

Beginning in 2017, INSEE calculates an index of production in services by deflating turnover indices in value: it traces the evolution of production in services.