Boosted purchasing power in a context of european slowdown Conjoncture in France - December 2018

Julien Pouget - Frédéric Tallet - Romain Bour - Clément Rousset

In a international context which remains uncertain and marked by protectionist tensions, the economic activity in the Eurozone is showing signs that it is fading. It is expected to grow by around 0.3% per quarter by mid-2019.

In Q4 2018, the French economy is likely to improve at only 0.2%. Then growth is expected to recover at the beginning of 2019 (+0.4% in Q1 2019, then +0.3% in Q2 2019) in line with domestic demand and in particular households’consumption.

In terms of annual averages, carry-over effect of growth in France is likely to stand at +1.0% at mid-2019 (after +1.5% forecasted for 2018 as a whole). The annual carry-over effect of purchasing power (measured at a global level) will probablely amount to +2.0% at mid-2019 (after a growth of 1.4% in 2018 as a whole).

Conjoncture in France- January 2019

Sheet Household consumption and investment

Conjoncture in France

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